Hello , nice to see your interested in renting land with us.

Why should you choose for us ?

  1. Hosting on real fast high tech servers located in the USA
  2. No crowded servers with to much regions, that give you lag and troubles
  3. Hypergrid enabled, with something special. (surprise )
  4. Grid owned by 2 users with a long SL and opensim background.
  5. Good and honest support, we don`t sweet talk.
  6. Fair prices and enough prims to build your dreamworld and a bit more 😉
  7. Setup within 24 hours, mostly in a couple of hours.
  8. All the rights that comes with renting a region.
  9. No promise about 24/7 support , realistic is 16 hours of the day , we need sleep to 😉
  10. We are not here for the money, we are here for the fun and friendship

Land price :

We accept only Paypal . ( Euro or Dollar )

Questions contact Ansjela Amat or Bouncer Debbel inworld.

Create your Avatar / account –>> http://hg.ansjelagrid.com:28002

Looking forward to meet and greet you 😉